Set of Techeiles לחושבי שמו (Vallis Tzitzis)

This set uses וואלעס Tzitzis, which are renowned for their additional Hiddurim.
The strings are slightly thicker than the "Chabura" brand, and are of superior quality.

***Since this product is not always in stock, it may take up to several weeks for your order to be ready.***

These sets of Tzitzis have been produced under the strict supervision of trained בני תורה יראי שמים.
The תכלת was dyed לשמה with all the הידורים.

  • Includes full set of לבן and תכלת strings for one pair of ציצית.
  • לשונות - ללא חשש ״פורגן״
  • All the strings are under the supervision of בד״ץ עדה החרדית in ירושלים.
  • The תכלת is dyed from חלזון הפורפורא (Murex Trunculus)
  • The dyeing and שזירה is produced by חבורת בני תורה.

Note: Since תכלת is a natural product, there may be slight color variances in the product you receive.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Price: $54.99
Choose the number of Techeiles strings you would like in the set.
Choose whether the wool-combing (ניפוץ) process is also done לשם ציצית, or only the stages after that (For more info, see אורח חיים יא:א). Note: ניפוץ לשמה is only available in thick strings.
This depends on how you plan to tie them, and only affects the length of the "Shamash" - the string(s) used for making the Chulyos. (If you are tying like the Gra, Chinuch or Tosfos - choose "Regular". If you are tying with a longer method, choose "Long")
Choose the thickness of the strings.