Frequently Asked Questions

What is the source of Techeiles Chabura dye?

All Techeiles we sell is produced from dye extracted from Murex Trunculus snails. For more information on the source of Techeiles, please see our info site:

How is Techeiles Chabura different than other sources of Techeiles?

Our Tzitzis strings are distinct from others in a few ways. For one, all of our strings have the certification of the B’datz Eida Chareidis in Jerusalem. They are produced with many Halachic Hiddurim, most notably that they are produced from לשונות - unspun wool - ensuring that the entire spinning process is done לשמה. We also offer Nipputz Lishma, as well as Vallis wool, which has other Halachic Hiddurim. All our Techeiles is produced from fresh snails, not freeze-dried.

Where is Techeiles Chabura produced?

The Techeiles is produced in בית הצביעה לחושבי שמו in Emanuel, Israel. It is produced by יראי שמים and under Rabbinic guidance. It is under the auspices of Harav Yechezkel Toporovitz Shlita who has many years experience in Techeiles dyeing.

Why are your prices so low?

Our prices are low, since our goal is to allow as many people as possible the ability to be מקיים מצות תכלת. Much effort is invested in cutting costs of production and distribution so the prices can be driven down as much as possible.

What is "Vallis" tzitzis?

Vallis Tzitzis is produced by Rav Moshe Vallis Shlita, who is renowned for his meticulous and unique method of producing high-quality Mehudar Tzitzis.

What is the difference between "long" and "regular" strings?

Many people who wear Techeiles wrap the strings with alternating white and Techeiles Chulyos. In such case there are two strings used for wrapping (Shamashim) - one white and one Techeiles. This is the opinion of Tosfos, the Chinuch and the Gra. Others wrap the Chulyos in the same manner that they would wrap all-white Tzitzis (7-8-11-13), using only Techeiles to wrap. If you are planning on tying the strings in the first way then you need regular strings. For the second way, you will need "long" strings.