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Techeiles Chabura offers a wide assortment of Techeiles products, produced by experienced Bnei Torah who are involved in the entire process, from extraction to the final removal from the dyeing vat as well as the twining (שזירה) and cutting. We are proud to be able to distribute the most Mehudar sets of תכלת to the ציבור בני תורה.

All sets of Techeiles that we provide have the following Hiddurim:

  • Every step is done with meticulous Dikduk, לשם מצות ציצית, under the guidance of תלמידי חכמים who are experts in the field.
  • לשונות - ללא חשש ״פורגן״
  • All the strings are under the supervision of בד״ץ עדה החרדית in ירושלים.
  • The תכלת is dyed from non-freeze-dried dye extracted from חלזון הפורפורא (Murex Trunculus).
  • The צביעה and שזירה is done by חבורת בני תורה, at the בית הצביעה לחושבי שמו - under the auspices of Harav Yechezkel Toporovich Shlita.

Much effort has also been invested in cutting costs of production, making our process very cost-effective, so that financial concerns should not be a limitation in קיום מצות תכלת. We welcome you to shop around and see for yourself.

All orders are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We accept all returns in new condition for a full refund.

We are working to add more variety and products to the site soon. Please check back often.

The Techeiles Chabura Team